Sound Sensitivity Distracts Listening

Cheri Moore

Written by Cheri Moore

March 9, 2024

Sound sensitivity distracts Joe so much is becomes unaware that he has stopped walking and talking to his friend, Josh. Two friends, Joe and Josh are enjoying some time outside. Suddenly Joe stops talking and looks up. He hears the noise of an airplane flying overhead. His friend, Josh looks around hearing nothing but birds. Josh follows the gaze of his friend but sees nothing and says,”What do you see?”. Joe replies, “Don’t you hear the jet?”Josh looks and only sees a trail of white up in the sky.

Are you aware of sounds not heard by others? If so, those sounds may not be heard by others or are heard less loudly than speech allowing them to more easily listen with comprehension in all environments. The brain is suppose to tell your hearing system is suppress background competing sounds when others are talking!

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