Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

Your initial phone conference is FREE Tuesday through Friday.

Eastern Time: 9:00 a.m. – 10:30.m. 

Central Time: 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Please schedule on Calendly

Share concerns and ask questions. 

What will my automatically generated Moore Auditory Visual Questionnaire Report tell me?

After completing prequestionnaire activities with a loved one at home or with Cheri’s help, answer questions with a loved one or a friend saves you much more than money.

Questions and your answers help you and your loved ones realize the full impact of sound intolerance, hearing difficulties, auditory processing, and visual processing struggles upon your emotional health, learning, socialization, and expressive speech.

The intensity and frequency of your behaviors helps Cheri work with you to develop next steps towards an intervention plan.

Equally important, the automatically generated Moore Auditory Visual Questionnaire Report improves communication with professionals.

Does everyone receive a letter and referral to an audiologist specializing in their area of concerns?

After verifying the practice is able to complete recommended testing, Cheri provides contact information to an audiologist near your home and a letter for you to give the audiologist.

How are your needs managed from a distance during the evaluation process?

Your Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire Report and prequestionnaire activities are completed with the help of a loved one or close friend.

Phone calls, hearing test results, and additional information provides insights helping Cheri connects you with professionals near your home to help you build a support team.

Unyte Integrative Listening uses equipment easily mailed allowing for remote delivery of auditory integration training programs

How do I communicate my concerns with doctors?

Use the Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire Report to improve communication with professionals.

Preparing for your first appointment with Cheri

To assist in making your first visit with Cheri Moore more time efficient please email and/or bring:

  • Old or new hearing tests
  • Any documentation relating to a diagnosis
  • Any I.E.P. or 504 documents
  • Completed new patient paperwork 
How do I share hearing and visual test results with Cheri?

Complete and sign a Medical Records Release Form at each doctor’s office to facilitate:

  • Collaboration regarding your care
  • Email or bring to your appointment
Why sign Cheri’s medical release document?

Signing Cheri’s medical release document gives Cheri permission to contact and collaborate with professionals through emails and phone conversations. 

Your hearing evaluation and visual processing evaluation reports help develop:

  • Your Auditory Integration Training Program
  • When test results show both auditory concerns and visual processing concerns, clients need Individualized Auditory Visual Training Protocols.
  • Download Release Form
Does everyone complete an auditory integration training program?

Auditory Integration Training is recommended when an individual’s hearing test results confirm lack of tolerance to sounds, hearing loss, poor right ear advantage, or central auditory processing deficits.

Not everyone is able to begin intervention with auditory integration training when there are also visual processing deficits.

Who provides auditory integration training when the client lives out of state?

Out-of-state clients choose to receive help either from an iLS provider (national search link) near them or travel to meet with Cheri and learn how to complete training in the comfort of their home.

Do I need pre-authorization from my primary care physician?

If your insurance requires a pre-authorization, then you must get referrals from your Primary Care Physician. Use your MAVQ Report to communicate your need for referrals. 

Cheri helps you find providers/specialists.

You should check with your insurance to determine if a referral is necessary when your Moore Auditory Visual Questionnaire Report identifies the need for:

  • An ear, nose, and throat doctor appointment
  • A hearing evaluation by an audiologist
  • Central Auditory Processing Deficit testing by an audiologist specializing in this area 
  • Comprehensive Developmental Exam
Should I drive home after completing my comprehensive hearing or visual processing tests?

It is helpful to have someone drive you home.  

During the appointment, they can also provide additonal support like providing insights, listen, and take notes. 

Concussion clients and clients with sound intolerance often feel mentally fatigued, may develop a headache, or experience blurred vision after testing.  Having someone drives you home gives you time to recover from testing.

It's a TEAM effort!

Cheri Moore, Ed.S., LMSW, Educational Specialist, Licensed Master of Social Worker under supervision towards LCSW, Certified Auditory Integration Trainer

Collaborating with:

  • Therapists, Teachers, & Professionals
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists
  • Audiologists
  • Developmental Optometrists
  • Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Optometrists

FDA Statement On AIT

"Auditory Integration Training remediates impairments in auditory discrimination (sound sensitivity and auditory distortion) associated with Autism, Learning Disabilities, and related disorders - ADD, ADHD, CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Deficits), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Dyslexia."

Are you ready to complete the Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire?

Discover what questions to ask and what to observe during visual activities.
Complete questionnaire to receive your Auditory-Visual Report.