Explanation of Cost

Step 1

FREE Phone Consultation 

Use the link in the blue bar above to schedule a free phone consultation.

Step 2

Register, chose, and pay for a Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire Report. Cost $25.00

Step 3

Save and Share Your Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire Report with Cheri by emailing her at auditoryvisualprotocols@outlook.com. 

Step 4

Case History, referrals for individualized hearing evaluations, etc… 

Step 5

Share reports with Cheri to improve understanding, receive educational information, and make a plan for the next step.

Step 6

Review your Moore Auditory-Visual Training Protocol. If you are a candidate for Berard-Based Auditory Integration Training, collaborate with Cheri to make a plan. 

Payment Options:

1. Electronic Funds Transfer from a checking account

2. Credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express)

3. Check made out to Moore Auditory Integration Training (MAIT)

*QuickBook payment links are sent by email keeping your credit card information confidential

Auditory Integration Training Program Payment Plans 

1. Monthly payments of $50.00 dollars over a period of 8 months

2. Monthly payments of $100.00 dollars over 10 months

3. Two payments of $200.00 dollars, two months apart

4. One payment of $400.00 dollars

Payments are spaced to accommodate the spacing of auditory integration training programs.

Your In-Home Auditory Integration Training Program


Family discount plan: $200.00 for each additional family member 

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FDA Statement On AIT

“Auditory Integration Training remediates impairments in auditory discrimination (sound sensitivity and auditory distortion) associated with Autism, Learning Disabilities, and related disorders – ADD, ADHD, CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Deficits), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Dyslexia.

Moore Auditory-Visual Integration Training

Cheri Moore has been helping children and adults improve the brain’s ability to respond to intervention while minimizing negative behavioral responses.