Step-By-Step Help

Emotional, Relationship, and Advocacy/Learning Support

Cheri provides Step-by-Step recommendations observing and learning from you to develop an action plan.

While teaching and as an edcational therapist, Cheri began to understand confounding behaviors. 

A gifted artist may rely up what they hear despite sound intolerance because letters appear to blur or even move.

A musician who memorizes and performs a musical piece may struggle to listen to conversation with comprehension in loud environments. 

After more than twenty years of experience, Cheri listens and provides unique insights behind learning difficulties and emotional distress.

When to Schedule an Office or Home Visit

Are you or your child one most comfortable in your home or an office setting? Schedule a Free Phone Call and decide where you would like to meet.

Your history, what you share, and fun activities with all ages help you get to know your World of Sights and Sounds.

Is there a memory or an event that disrupted development?

What you hear affects what you see and feel. A scary sound makes you tightly close your eyes and want to disappear.

An event like chronic ear infections  diminish hearing for so long that there is a dominio effect upon brain development: auditory and visual development.

Moore Auditory-Visual Observation Activity Booklet

For parents and professionals.

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cover page of the Moore auditory-visual observation booklet

You Decide How Long We Work Together

Cheri works with you until you have met your goals.

FDA Statement On AIT

“Auditory Integration Training remediates impairments in auditory discrimination (sound sensitivity and auditory distortion) associated with Autism, Learning Disabilities, and related disorders – ADD, ADHD, CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Deficits), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Dyslexia.

Moore Auditory-Visual Integration Training

Cheri Moore has been helping children and adults improve the brain’s ability to respond to intervention while minimizing negative behavioral responses.