Auditory-Visual Integration Training Improves

Sound Tolerance Needed for Emotional Health

Auditory Processing Skills Needed for Understanding

Attention Needed for Learning

Neurointegration Needed for Speaking and Moving

The Mission of Moore Auditory Integration Training is

Moore in Synch: Hearing, Auditory, & Emotions

Changing lives of clients ages three and older. Meeting your emotional needs while improving sound tolerance, listening, learning, and auditory processing skills.

Developing and providing your iLs Integrated Listening Program or Berard-based Auditory Integration Training Program with Moore Auditory-Visual Training Protocols.

Providing resources, accommodation letters, and connecting you with professionals. Supporting you step-by-step through comprehensive auditory and visual evaluations.  


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FREE Phone Consultation

Cheri provides a free phone consultation before or after completion of the questionnaire.


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Auditory-Visual Questionnaire

Learn which behaviors disrupt listening, attention, learning, movement, and emotional health.


Find Optimal Treatment

Step by Step

Work with Cheri using your Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire Report for help unlocking your next steps.

Why Take the Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire?

The Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire (MAvQ) identifies specific auditory and visual behaviors associated with: sound intolerance, auditory processing difficulties, expressive speech, hearing loss, and visual processing skills.

Your Moore Auditory-Visual Report shares the frequency and intensity of specific behavioral concerns, improving communication with Cheri, doctors, therapists, and teachers.

Unsure there are concerns? Scroll down to view a few behavioral characteristics. Purchase a Moore Auditory-Visual Observation Activity Booklet.

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cover page of moore auditory observation booklet

Sound Sensitivities?

Auditory Processing Difficulties?

1. Complains, shows distress (cover ears, buries face in parent, leaves) when sounds are loud

2. During conversation, interrupts and/or does most of the talking.

3. Difficulty following directions

4. Despite intelligence, struggles to learn 

5. Emotional distress, anxiety

Cheri Moore is a huge advocate for students with processing challenges. She has an intense desire to bring improvements to students and is tireless in seeking out the information and therapies to bring results. She demonstrates great caring and generosity in seeking solutions for students.

Margaret McLewin, Director Homeschool Plus

Hearing Difficulties

1. Struggles to listen with background competing sounds or speech

2. While talking words gets stuck in one’s head

3. Misunderstood what was heard, said

4. Needs a quiet environment to talk and listen


It is an honor to work with Cheri Moore on her journey with auditory integration therapy. She has shown a consistent desire to go above and beyond in every aspect of her practice and training. Cheri’s quest for greater understanding and her thirst for knowledge are demonstrated daily. It is a pleasure to work with a professional who is so eager to learn and apply new information to help her clients reach their best possible outcomes. I look forward to our continued collaboration as Cheri’s scope of practice expands.

Visual Processing Difficulties?

1. Carsick

2. Print and/or stationary objects pull apart, blur, double, or moves/floats

3. Bumps into stationary objects or people

4. Written work is immature, letters uneven, looks immature or like a pyramid


Auditory Integration Training

Improves Sound Tolerance

Focus and Attention

Emotional Health


Successful adjustment into wearing hearing aids  

Are you ready to find solutions towards improvement?

Schedule a phone conference with Cheri to start a journey empowering you to reach your potential, one step at a time.