Ongoing Research

Dr. Guy Berard shared in his book, Hearing Equals Behavior, “The truth manages to emerge only when something new and unexpected can by fully exposed to study, discussion, and argument, and accepted or refuted on that basis.” Although In-Home Berard-based A.I.T. formal clinical trials have not been completed, there are case studies and testimonials from clients and Berard Practitioners from around the world. Dr. Berard wrote, “…the search, conducted with a willingness to see what is there, is a never-ending adventure, with the richest of rewards.” (pg.94) These rewards have been experienced by numerous families who have benefited from Berard A.I.T. In-home programs.  With advances in technology, in-home programs have been successfully implemented throughout the world, since 2004. This has been particularly important for clients who would not have been able to recieve A.I.T. in an office setting due to time, distance, and cost.

What improvements have been reported by teachers, parents and trainees

  • Reduction of hyper-acute and/or painful hearing
  • Less complaints of sounds causing pain or discomfort
  • Reduction in noise or tinnitus in the ear
  • Less startle responses to loud noises
  • More appropriate vocal intensity (volume)
  • More appropriate affect, expression and interaction
  • Easier, more frequent interaction with others, including increased eye contact
  • Improved language discrimination or comprehension
  • Greater interest in verbalization and communication
  • Exhibition of age appropriate behavior
  • Improved academic performance
  • Improvement in social skills
  • Increased comfort level
  • Less impulsivity and restlessness
  • Reduction in distractibility
  • Less lethargy

The In-Home, Berard-Based AIT program

The Moore Auditory Training Method improves more than client’s tolerance to sound; it reshapes their future. Auditory-Visual Training protocols were developed to improve client’s response to auditory integration training and vision therapy.

An individualized In-home, Berard-Based Auditory Integration Training (AIT) program works with your schedule, your needs, and provides the best environment. 

In the USA, AIT is FDA approved as an Educational Intervention Program. Clinical studies found client’s sound intolerance decreased after AIT. Individuals who need AIT often struggle with sound intolerance and expressive speech difficulties; it is unethical through a control study to cause harm.