Welcome to the Moore Auditory-visual questionnaire

The Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire (MAvQ) is designed to identify behaviors associated with:

  • Sound intolerance
  • Auditory processing difficulties
  • Expressive speech difficulties
  • Hearing loss & hidden hearing loss
  • Visual processing difficulties

What makes the MAvQ unique?

What makes the questionnaire unique are the pre-questionnaire activities. They teach you what to observe and how to observe, improving the accuracy of your MAvQ Report. The insights about the intensity and frequency of behaviors within the report are a pivotal piece of the Auditory-Visual Training Protocols.


Auditory integration training improves sound tolerance and strengthens auditory neural pathways

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy improves visual processing skills

Cognitive Training

Then, auditory-visual cognitive training programs along with exercises integrate the brain

Who can complete the Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire?




The MAvQ guides the development of your intervention plan to minimize the risk of regression and maximize your response