Testimonial, Leanne (Central Auditory Processing Deficits or Autism Spectrum Disorder?)

My daughter, Leanne, was diagnosed with autism and central auditory processing disorder (CAPD).  We schooled her at home, and even with my background in teaching, it was very difficult.  I would have to fight with her to make her begin her school work.  While teaching her, she would get very irritated and became fatigued very quickly.  Every little noise distracted her.  Every day, our bird would have to be removed from the room, because she could not tolerate its high pitch sounds.  She would cover her ears when exposed to loud noises, like a baby crying in the store or a dog barking.  She avoided social interactions and preferred to stay home by herself.

After completing Brain Integration Training with Auditory Integration Training and taking Efalex (an omega supplement), I am very pleased with the changes I have seen.  She now wakes me up excited about the school day ahead.  She does not respond negatively to loud noises and I no longer have to remove the bird from the room.  She stays focused longer and we can work together longer before she needs a break.  That is a big improvement right there!  Before, the sound of my voice seemed to irritate and anger her.

She now also asks questions to check if she understands what she hears.  Lately, she has even made a few light-hearted comments, which made her father and I laugh.  She is learning and using more difficult vocabulary and idioms in her daily conversations.  It excites me but, at the same time, it shocks me to hear her use such big words in her speech.  Her intonation in her voice has improved so much; other people have noticed the change.  It is wonderful to hear how she is feeling; the low, monotone sound is gone.  Reading comprehension continues to improve along with expressive writing.

Overall, I am very pleased with her improvements since she started working with Mrs. Moore in the areas of Auditory Integration Training with Brain Integration Training.  It is a joy to watch Leanne choose to go out to meet people instead of staying home by herself.  She stays in the same room and socializes when we have company.   I have been unwell for a few months and she has blessed me with her wonderful care and love.  I am convinced this is only the beginning of the benefits she will experience in the future as we continue to work with Cheri Moore.

Update: 2 Years Later–Leanne is now enrolled in a public high school, has been mainstreamed in some of her academic (hard) classes, and will be attending a vocational training program.

The Whole Family Thanks You!

P.S. I appreciate Mrs. Moore’s weekly brain integration classes.  This provided weekly opportunities for Leanne to interact with others who had similar difficulties.  It also gave me an opportunity to ask questions, received encouragement to stay the course, and visit with a sweet lady who also had a daughter in her class.

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