Finding out that my 21-year-old son had a hidden hearing loss (CAPD) was a relief. He is very intelligent. Not getting the right help was causing feelings of depression and hopelessness. Finally, an answer to the
questions I have had for so long! He never really fit the criteria for any other diagnosis. Cheri helped me understand his difficulties were associated with hearing loss, provided the name of an audiologist specializing in CAPD, and state resources so we could develop a plan.

Hearing aids are now enabling our son to receive vocational training in a loving environment. We are so happy to give him the help that is making a real difference. Hearing Aids and In-home, Berard-based Auditory
Integration Training have made a huge difference in his life. My young man is now volunteering and hanging out with me in the kitchen.

A Perplexed, but very happy Mother (2018) Chesapeake, VA

P.S. Why didn’t the other audiologist spend more time with us?