A Mother’s Story

Ashylyn did not talk much when she was little, and was shy about interacting with people.  By the time she had finished Kindergarten, I could no longer deny Ashylyn’s difficulties.  When she was eight years old I had her tested and she received the diagnosis of Learning Disabilities with severe auditory processing deficits.  She worked with a wonderful educational therapist for many years; however, she continued to struggle in ways I couldn’t understand nor offer solutions to ease them.

Just as I was wondering about the quality of Ashylyn future, I met Cheri Moore whose questions helped me understand the answers to Ashlyn’s difficulties resided in her hearing.  The Berard hearing test showed me why Ashlyn was so fatigue to the point of napping after reading, excessive yawning, and covering of her ears.  She had so much painful hearing to speech and environment, the Weber test showed she only used one ear for hearing.  This decreased her sensory input; I finally had answers and hope.

Ashylyn completed the in-home Berard Auditory Integration Training program.  Within a few weeks, the changes were apparent and after twelve months, the hearing test showed normal sensitivity levels to sound, use of both ears for all frequencies, and wonderful processing of speech.  She still has sensitivity at negative five to speech, so she will complete one more A.I.T. program.  She is now working two jobs, enjoys meeting new people, and even takes care of a baby.

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