The Berard In-Home AIT program

Our In-home Auditory Integration Training Program works with your schedule, your individual needs and provides the best environment for your hard work.  In the USA, AIT is FDA approved as an Educational Intervention Program. Ongoing clinical studies continue to help explain how AIT improves peoples’ ability to not only hear, but to also understand what they hear. Thus, it improves more than just your hearing. It reshapes your future.

Supervised In-Home Berard AIT Programs are provided, as appropriate.  The home program is individualized for each person based upon a review of all of the following: (1) the applicant’s AIT Evaluation Form, (2) telephone evaluation(s), and (3) a local audiologist’s report, (4) comprehensive questionnaires, (5) in-home assessment.

The initial phone consultation is followed by emails and then review of your completed Fisher Behavioral Auditory Processing Checklist to guide recommendations to audiologists, audiologist specializing in Central Auditory Processing Deficits, and developmental vision optometrists.

The AIT program is 20 sessions: 1/2 hour each = 5 days listening + mid-point evaluation + 5 more days of listening = 11 days

The Berard Auditory Integration in-home program enables clients to receive help within the comfort of their home.  You may contact Cheri Moore at 757-615-9985 or


While Auditory Integration Training and Brain Integration Training have been extremely effective for some individuals, no guarantee as to the effectiveness in any specific case can be made by Moore Auditory Integration Training. Client outcomes can vary widely from individual to individual, and as such, no warranty or therapeutic claims are stated or implied. Every attempt is made through a medical evaluation to assess a candidate’s ability to benefit from AIT.

Moore Auditory Integration Training is not offering AIT/ BIT as a cure for autism or other disabling conditions. Moore Auditory Integration Training is offered as a means of ameliorating or diminishing some symptoms of autism, attention deficit disorder and other learning disabilities related to auditory processing problems. Brain Integration Training is offered as a means of diminishing the impact of visual/motor skills. Visual dysfunctions should be assessed by a developmental vision specialist, especially if writing and reading fatigue do not lift after five months of Brain Integration Training.


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