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Auditory Processing Characteristics

Auditory Processing Checklist: used standardized Fisher Checklist, characteristics from the Out-Of-Sync Child, and stuttering foundation

Please mark each circle considered to be of concern by the patient or caretaker. Rate each characteristic with “1” being a weak response & “10” being a strong response.

  • _____Frequently ask “What?” or “Huh?” noise or no noise

The Three Parts of the Berard Hearing Test

The “Air Conduction Test”

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), “Normal” hearing for children is between -10 dB and 15 dB HTL.  This test is completed in accordance with ASHA guidelines.  It is different, because Dr. Berard’s guidelines request testing all frequencies, octaves and inter-octaves, until the client stops responding, even if the response occurs in the negative decibel levels.  Thus, this test is looking for more than hearing loss. Results allow the certified Berard practitioner to identify which sensitivity peaks need to be filtered during the ten to fourteen days of auditory integration training, identify presence or lack of symmetrical hearing (ability for sounds from the right and left ear to sync in the brain), presence of sensitive hearing to quiet sounds, and hearing loss.  Normal hearing test results do not mean lack of hearing impairment nor lack of sensitivity to loud sounds (LDL test).

Ongoing Research

Dr. Guy Berard shared in his book, Hearing Equals Behavior, “The truth manages to emerge only when something new and unexpected can by fully exposed to study, discussion, and argument, and accepted or refuted on that basis.” Although In-Home Berard-based A.I.T. formal clinical trials have not been completed, there are case studies and testimonials from clients and Berard Practitioners from around the world. Dr. Berard wrote, “…the search, conducted with a willingness to see what is there, is a never-ending adventure, with the richest of rewards.” (pg.94) These rewards have been experienced by numerous families who have benefited from Berard A.I.T. In-home programs.  With advances in technology, in-home programs have been successfully implemented throughout the world, since 2004. This has been particularly important for clients who would not have been able to recieve A.I.T. in an office setting due to time, distance, and cost.

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The Sound of a Miracle By: Annabel Stehl

The Sound of a Miracle is Annabel Stehli’s riveting story of her daughter Georgiana’s triumphant progress from autistic and functionally retarded to gifted. An intervention called Berard Auditory Integration Training cured Georgiana’s painful hearing, her most distressing symptom, and made it possible for her to emerge from autism, enjoy communication and to excel academically.