Cheri Moore’s Bio

Hello, my name is Cheri Moore. I taught children as a special education teacher, as a homeschooling mom for 12 years, and have worked with families during the past six years. The knowledge I have gained has enabled me to transform the lives of clients and families throughout Virginia and Maryland, as well as my own family.

As a special education teacher, I was unprepared for the struggles I encountered as I taught my youngest daughter who was later diagnosed with dyslexia, which affected her ability to process information she heard and created visual fatigue. My son’s needs were more physical affecting speech, writing, and sound sensitivities, which required most of his learning to be presented visually; the complete opposite from his sister’s needs. My search for answers led me to where I am today completing my master’s program in clinical social work with an emphasis in family intervention and research.

Children naturally love to learn. When they cannot learn, they need more help than environmental and academic modifications.  Medications are often a Band-Aid, which allows them to better cope with dysfunctions in their visual and auditory processing systems.  I have the privilege of working with doctors who assess visual and auditory processing skills (a neurological issue).  One can see and hear, but what does the brain do with what is seen and heard?  This has led to evidence-based interventions being completed in an order that optimized results.  Psychiatrist have ordered easy to complete urinalysis testing to assess vital brain chemistry, neurotransmitter deficiencies, to ensure the brain is ready of training.  Medical testing enabled me to individualized intervention programs that included: auditory integration training, developmental visual training, dietary changes, the need for frequency specific hearing aids, and unusual types of hearing impairments that led to hearing aids.

Children rarely outgrow academic struggles. As one matures or ages, coping and avoidance behaviors develop subconsciously. The more intelligent the child, the more they feel the frustrations of not being able to work at their level of intelligence.  Unidentified struggles and the continuous stress upon their brain often leads to negative behavioral and emotional consequences during their youth.  The Berard Auditory Hearing test provides answers for people of all ages, explaining many behaviors rooted in auditory dysfunctions. My background in visual/motor, special education, and auditory processing dysfunctions provides a unique blend of intervention and resources along with my passion for research; thus the “Moore” in Auditory Integration Training. Learning is never ending due to the unique nature of each person. My goal is to help each client through medical testing and intervention, so they can accomplish their dreams by working at their level of intelligence.

Cheri Moore is a certified Berard Auditory Integration Training Practitioner, coordinates with developmental vision doctors and psychiatrists.  She completed Dianne Craft’s class, Brain Integration Training, at Colorado University.  Mrs. Moore has her Virginia Special Education Teaching License and is currently attending University of Missouri St. Louis completing her graduate studies in clinical social work with an emphasis in family practice.  She may be contacted on her cell 757-615-9985 or by


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